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In announcing Facebooks deal to acquire the mobile-messaging app WhatsApp for $19 billion, Mark Zuckerberg said hes known Jan for a long time. The rest of us, particularly people in the U.S., arent as familiar.在宣告Facebook以190亿美元并购移动消息应用于公司WhatsApp的交易时,扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)说道他很久以前就了解珍库姆(Jan Koum)。但其他人,特别是在是美国人,对珍库姆有可能不是那么熟知。Jan Koum co-founded WhatsApp along with Brian Acton, a former colleague at Yahoo, and is the mobile-messaging companys chief executive. He is taking on another big role: a Facebook board member.珍库姆和他当年在雅虎(Yahoo)的同事布莱恩埃克顿(Brian Acton)联合创立了WhatsApp,并兼任这家移动消息应用于公司的首席执行长。库姆将要兼任另一个最重要职务:Facebook的董事。

But on his LinkedIn page, the 37-year-old Koum flies more under-the-radar. He lists himself as a QA tester and a senior tweet manager. If you want to know much more, he suggests, go see Brians profile. During his decade at Yahoo, he worked in infrastructure and security engineering. By his own admission in listing his education -- barely graduating from MVHS in 1995 and dropping out of San Jose State University -- he had other things on his mind.但在LinkedIn的个人主页上,现年37岁的库姆具有更好不引人注目头衔和经历。资料表明他说道自己是一名质量保证检测员以及资深推特管理员。

他建议,如果想要理解他的更好情况,不妨去想到布莱恩的资料。库姆在雅虎的10年供职于基础设施和安全工程部门。他在讲解自己学历时否认,在学校就读于的时候满脑子里装有的都是其他事。他1995年只得从山景城高中(MVHS)毕业,后来从圣何塞州立大学(San Jose State University)退学。

Like its founder, WhatsApp is a quiet company. Sequoia says WhatsApp didnt spend a single penny on marketing and is a veritable stranger in the U.S. -- there is no other home grown technology company thats so widely loved overseas and so under appreciated at home, the venture-capital firm said.和其创立者一样,WhatsApp也是个不事声张的公司。红杉资本(Sequoia Capital )称之为,WhatsApp没在营销上花一分钱,在美国是个十足的生面孔。这家风投公司称之为,还没其他一家本土科技公司在海外甚广不受注目却在自己的国家默默无闻。

Not that WhatsApp didnt toot its horn: Every two months the company announced its latest leap in monthly active users, usually to the tune of another 50 million. At last count, it had about 450 million active users.但并不是说道WhatsApp自己获得的成就不显要:每两个月该公司就不会公布每月的追加活跃用户数,一般来说的增量为5,000万。近期数据表明,目前WhatsApp的活跃用户早已超过大约4.5亿。

In a December update, Koum said his companys focus was on messaging and only messaging -- no games, no advertising, no gimmicks. WhatsApp wants to get out of the way. We want to let people have a conversation.在去年12月发布近期数据时,库姆说道,他的公司注目的是消息,也只有消息,不是游戏,不是广告,不是华而不实的东西。他说道,WhatsApp期望退出不必要的东西,让人们成功交流。In a Tumblr post on the deal Wednesday, WhatsApp investor Sequoia Capital talked about how Koums experience emigrating to the U.S. as a 16-year-old, and desire to keep in touch with family back in Russia and Ukraine, helped shape his focus on conversations.WhatsApp的投资者红杉资本周三在Tumblr上发文宣告上述交易时,提到了库姆以前的一段经历,说道他16岁移民到美国时,十分渴求与远在俄罗斯和乌克兰的家人维持联络,这使他非常重视对话和交流。

Last May, Koum spent 30 minutes onstage at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference in New York. He talked through why the company was averse to advertising and selling the company (he said as much again months later), and why the app means so much to different people.去年5月,库姆在纽约D: Dive Into Mobile大会上公开发表了30分钟的演说。当时他谈到了为什么WhatsApp对广告和把公司出售十分不满(几个月之后他又说道了这样的话),以及为什么这个应用于对于各类人群都有十分最重要的意义。